Indio Fairgrounds 5KV Oil Switch Replacement.

This particular job we were called out to do the terminations on several tricky segments for the distribution for the Indio fairgrounds.  CPE removed the oil switches and terminated to installed air switches to provide a much safer and robust system.  The old oil switch was completely empty of its oil and that presents a very unsafe situation.  If the circuit was to overload, there is no arc suppression, and a catastrophic failure is imminent.  We removed the unsafe wire and replaced it with conduit and updated switches and shielded cable.

5KV Switches and Termination

When it comes to Hand Taping and tees, kit terminations and splicing, installation and sourcing air switches and replacing oil filled switch bombs, we can make it happen.  CPE specializes in hard to complete and tricky situations where the normal methods dont apply.

Solid Installation

CPE is trained to do more than just kits for medium voltage applications.  We can hand tape and provide specialized solutions to bring outdated and unsafe systems up to code and out of likely failure.  No one wants their power down, and we can tell you not only if that is a risk, but the best alternative at the most competitive price.  All of our work carries a 5 year limited warranty, and we stand by what we install.  We provide very solid solutions that are clean and bulletproof.